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                            BDE Cans Case packer

Top loading type case packer for the cans industry (RSC type-Regular Slotted Case)

* Powered product infeed conveyor
* All-mechanical main drive
* Mechanical/vacuum case and container handling devices
* Product range: Rigid cartons and multipacks
* Electrical: Primary 230 or 460v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12
* Air: 5 kg/cm^2
* Mechanical: 1/2 hp motor
* Speed: From 4-12 cases/minute according to the layer of cans.
*Layouts: 4x6x1layer, 4x3x4 layer. 3x8x1 layer, 5x10x2 layer or other types.

The system:
1. Alignment: collated into a group using one of our custom collation methods.
2. Powered conveyor with stopper: allow feeding cartons in smooth condition.
3. Case packer: 1-4 axis module allows the loading of cans in the carton according to the speed requirement of the customer. Both vacuum and magnet system can be chosen for the system.
4. Case seal: Tape sealing or glue sealing can be selected.

OP-A Case erector: is an automatic system that erects and bottom seals regular corrugated cases. This new value-priced case erecting solution is ideal for applications that require more throughput than manual case erecting can provide. Both bottom tape sealing or bottom glue sealing can be selected.

****Remarks: The case packer is custom built based on your packaging requirements. It can be equipped with one or two product conveyors, allowing for two sources of product to infeed into the packer.

**Specifications subject to change without notice.


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