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計量機 / 包裝機

                            Labeling machine

BDLB-3000 Table type bottle Labeling Machine
(Need change to sticker lable)
* Voltage/Power: 110V/220V 50/60HZ 300W
* Non-phase speed accommodation
* Materials: Main body made by S304 stainless steel & processing by anode aluminum metal.
* Conveyor speed: 0-12 M/min
*Lableing speed: 0-40 Bottles/Minute (Acoording to bottle size)
* Driver: Step motor driver
* Conveyor Length/Width: Standard: 1000mm/150mm
* Product Size: According to the demands of clients
* Label Length: Min: 10mm, Max: 150mm
* Label Width: Min: 10mm, Max: 90mm
* Roll Paper ID: 76mm; Roll Paper OD: 260mm
* Lableing accuaracy: +-1mm
* Label Space: Min: 3mm (0.12")
* Machine Size:L: 1000mm W: 650mm H: 600mm (for reference)
* Machine Weight: 60kg (for reference)
*Testing sample requirement: 200pcs.
*Please order sticker lable as designed.

**Specifications subject to change without notice.


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