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BDE 重量顯示器/ 控制器

                            BDE Weighing indicators

What is the difference of BDE weighing indicators?
1. BDE-2010 only for bench or platform scale up to 4 load cells. BDE 2010 can not add rs-232 or other options.
2. BDI-2009 is suitable for truck scale use. BDI-2009 may add RS-232 or OP-5L option for UWE 1705.
3. BDE-2007 is mini 96mmx48mm mount weighing controller, suitable for filling machine. With control I/O or Modbus communication. It is good for positive peak hold.
4. Three weighing controllers are suitable for filing machine or batching control: (BDI-2001B, BDI-2002, and BDI-2006).
a. BDI-2002 has 100 codes, suitable for mixing. BDI-2001B has only one material code.
b. BDI-2006 has three columns, can see finish weight on the display, but BDI-2002 can’t.
c. If we need to have high speed filling like 6-10 packs per minute, we need BDI-2002 or BDI-2006 instead of BDI-2001B.
5. BDI-9401 is suitable for mixing and formula batching, showing SP1,SP2, FREE FALL on a LCD display like Human interface.
6. BDI-9903 is suitable for check weighing on conveyors.
7. BDI-2008 is suitable for push pull testing, both positive and vegetative.
8. BDI-9611 is a truck data processor, can print out 3 voucher weighing ticket on dot matrix printer. Needs a weighing indicator to obtain weight data via RS-232.
9. BDI-9622 is a truck data processor, can print out 3 voucher weighing ticket on dot matrix printer.
10. BDI-9910 is a remote display of weight, via RS-232 or current loop. BDI-9910-A61 is a 7 segment LED, BDI-9910-D61 is dot platted LED display.


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