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                            Product Highlight

For every conveyor and packaging machinery manufactures, it has long been seeking a quick and easy way to make their conveyors a check weighing system. BDI-9903 check weighing controller can fulfill their needs to make every conveyor a weighing platform.
BDI-9903 has an English 240x64 Dot LCD display, showing CODE, OK weight, HI weight, and LO weight. Simply connect suitable load cell and a photo sensor; BDI-9903 will make your conveyor a complete weigher. This controller will be able to judge the placement time while the carton is totally on the conveyor. Then the controller will enable sampling function, and the outcome is an equalized weight. A delay timer will be activated when the weight of carton is out of tolerance. Therefore, a cylinder will push the carton right on time.
The BDI-9903 has high-speed conversion speed at 70 times/per second. With 8 RELAY INPUTS/OUTPUTS, customers may connect it with PLC for further applications. Powered up to 8 load cells (350 Ohms), BDI-9903 is a truly industrial weighing indicator. It is not only used in motion check weighing, but also built in several weighing modes. A conveyor STOP & RUN mode can ensure higher accuracy when the weighing environment is not allowed. BDI-9903 has also built in several digital filters to minimize environment vibrations, thus make it a versatile in industrial weighing.
If you desire to build a new weighing conveyor or modify your existing facilities, BDI-9903 will be your perfect choice of professional and cost saving alternative.
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