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                            GPS-20 Auto Strapping Machine

Name Auto Strapping Machine
Model GPS-20

Power supply 110/220V (Accroding to customer)
Strapping Speed: About 2.14 sec/strap
Adjustable Tightness: 5-70kg
Strapping Tape Width 9-15(mm)
Min. strapping size 100W*100H (mm)
Max. strapping size 700W*500H (mm)

Loop-eject clears unwanted strap automatically.
Tension adjustment: can be adjustable at will, max. tension is over 70 kgs.
Easy loading or unloading: to load or unload the strapping roll is convenient due to the dispenser is placed outside.
Independent operation or combine with other machines for unmanned production or auto packaging systems

**Suitable for new 0.55 t PP tapes (Non recycled tapes)

Dimension 1110L * 550W *1480H (mm)
Packaging Dimension: 1155L * 680W * 1010H (mm)
Weight: About 160 kg


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