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                            LS-MC-80 High Capacity Luggage scale

LS-MC Series Luggage scale may provide higher capacity international airport with express check-in. our motorized conveyor may save labor for luggage check in.
The weight screen is a dual display design. The weighing structure is a state of art welding structure, with OIML high quality load cells.
Options include luggage check-in software. Our highly trained software engineer will fulfill your special needs.

Weighing Range: 1-150 kg , Division: 0.1 kg.


Weighing indicator-
•Ultra light 0.62 " LED 7 Segment display.The front panel provides CAP. DIV. Column to fill-in.
•LED Digits were in one module, 6 digit red LED combined with "kg" or "lb" built-in same module.
•Weighing indicator supports two display-the operator and traveler.
•Built-in two sets of RS-232 interface for both PC and data transmission.
•Watchdog virtually eliminates malfunctions that associated with computerized equipment or software failure. Full Digital Calibration makes setting ZERO and SPAN Calibration an easy task.
•KEYS: Zero, Tare, Gross/Net, Print, Set point, and Start/Stop.
Weighing Platform-
•Size: 800mmWx800mmL, Welded Steel with paint, OIML approved load cell。
•Simple design with low maintenance fee, may detach with conveyor for separate repaire.
•200% overload protection, Adjustable stool.
•Platform cover made by STAINLESS STEEL, RAT guard cable.

Motorized Conveyor-
•Size: 800mmWx800mmL,belt width: 600mmW.
•Wear proof belt /Black.
•High torque motor
•Roller with high quality bearing.

Airport Luggage scale software-
•Weighing Management- Luggage weight, Accumulation, Luggage Count, over weight alarm, over weight setup.
•May custom made for connection with airport management systems.


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