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                            Vishay-Revere JetWeigh Aircraft Scales

The Wireless JetWeigh-W

Vishay-Revere JetWeigh-W Aircraft Scale is the most advanced weighing system on the market. The Jackpoint Wireless Aircraft System offers state of the art wireless operation, easy installation and maintenance. Capacity range from 15,000 lbs. to 600,000 lbs.

Wireless operation
Synchronized sampling of all weight channels results in accurate measurment, minimzing the vibration and oscillaton
Robust and reliable operation
Operating range +220 ft
Accuracy of +/- 0.1% of applied load, or =/-0.02% of channel capacity, whichever is greater
User friendly hand-held PC user terminal interface
Library of up to 200 aircraft types and characteristics
Hermetically sealed, compact stainless steel load cells

Data (displayed and printed) Gross Weight
Individual load cell weights (kg, lb and %)
CG location (inches, cm, % of MAC)
Arm Weights
Lateral weights distribution
Total Moments

Weighing save options: Internal memory
Serial interface to download (or synchronize) to a PC

Power: Operating time 50 hours
Rechargeable Li-ion batteries, 1100Ah (load cell and terminal)
Charger Power adaptor, 110 or 230VAC, 1A

Enviromental: Operating +32F to +120F (-10C to +50C)
Storage -4F to +140F (-20C to +60C)
Humidity 95% RH, non condensing

System Includes:
Load Cells
Rugged hand-held PC user terminal
Thermal printer
Power adaptors and power cord
Center of gravity accessory kit
Rugged fiberglass carrying case with tool kit

Tool Kit Includes:
Plumb bob assembly (2)
Chalk and line
Hydrometers (2)
Fuel Dipper
Hydrometer jar and stand
Leveling bar
50' steel tape
12" steel ruler

**Authorized VISHAY Taiwan dealer.


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